Some of the areas included in a building inspection are:

Internal of the house: - Hallways, Lounge, family room, kitchen, dining room, rumpus room, laundry, water closet, bathroom, bedrooms, ensuite. Door, Openings, Walls, Skirtings, Windows, Ceiling, Floor, Cupboard, Walk-In-Robes, Bath/Shower, Bath, Shower, Taps, Tiles, Toilet, Vanity, Washbasin, Mirror, Sinks.

Roof Space: - Framing, Ceiling Covering, Roof Covering, Insulation, Sarking, Party Walls

Subfloor: - Ant Caps, Bearers/Joists/Floor-Framing, Flooring, Piers/Posts/Stumps, Drainage, Plumbing

External: - Brick/Block Work, Timber Cladding, Sheet Cladding, Metal Cladding, Windows, Weepholes, Vents, Stairs, Ramps, Paintwork, Retaining Walls, Decks, Patio, Verandah, Balconies, Pergola, Fernery, Shed, Carport, Paths, Driveways, Fence

Roof Exterior: - Roofing Tiles, Roofing Iron, Valleys, Gutters, Hips/Ridges, Vents, Chimney, Flues, Downpipes, Flashing, Skylight, Eaves, Fascia.

Keeping in the context of their age all buildings will have minor defects. Our goal during a building inspection is to identify major defects and minor defects that have the potential to become major defects.

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It all starts with a phone call from you on our free number - 1800 303 581. Your call will be answered by Patrice our office manager or Daniel our building inspector.  After discussing your needs and explaining our prices and what we do, we will then ask details required for us to arrange access to the property to allow us to carry out your inspection, possibly with you present. Should you require a pest, electrical, plumbing or swimming pool inspection we will be happy to arrange one for you with anyone of your choice or if you prefer we can arrange an inspection on your behalf.  When arranging other inspectors I can organize the tradespersons to attend the house at the same time.

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Building Inspections
 What We Offer You

Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Inspections - Building & Pest Reports

Purchaser: - You are about to or have just signed a contract to buy a building and you require a building inspection with a written report.  The written report enables you to continue on with the contract to purchase the property, negotiate your contract based on the findings in the building report, or if not satisfied with the content of the report you can cancel the contract without financial loss (depending on contract conditions).  The report is written, and discussed with you by the inspector.   A digital video recording of the inspection is available for you to purchase.