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  • Grout seal cracking and coming away from between tiles, will allow water seepage.

  • Seal needsmaintenance e.g. around bathtub, where bench top meets splash back etc., to prevent water from accessing behind/into cavity.  (Statistics show that two out of three Australian homes are prone to seepage problems in the bathroom area.)

  • Putty cracking and coming away from around glass, it is possible for the glass to fall out, therefore is a danger point.

  • Cracked and broken glass should be removed to avoid possible injury.

  • Exterior paint weathered, can cause dry rot and wood decay.

  • Wood areas, e.g. posts, stumps, piers, palings, sheeting etc., in direct contact with the ground, can cause wood decay.  

  • For homes that is of age and is built on wooden stumps, it is reasonable to presume that stumps could have sunk, could have wood decay and will possibly need re-levelling and/or restumping. For homes of age it is reasonable practice to seek the advice of a building contractor.

  • Debris in gutters and/or valleys, can cause rust, and, if blocking the gutters during a heavy storm, can cause the roof to leak.

  • Roofing nails lifting can cause leaking and can be a danger in a high wind and in extreme instances can cause leaking into the roof space.  These nails should be replaced with roof screws.

  • Vanity/Tub/Cabinet not secured into place, can be a danger, especially for young children who may pull themselves up on them.

  • Dampness and damp damage under wet areas eg: bathroom, laundry, kitchen.  Possible causes are sealing of tiles may need repair or could indicate a plumbing problem and should be investigated further.

  • Water runoff accessing underfloor space, particularly if poorly ventilated, will cause the ground under the house to be continuously damp and in instances of prolonged dampness can cause an odor to rise to the house.

  • Doors/windows not fitting squarely into opening will often indicate a floor leveling problem.  When the house was first built it is reasonable to assume that doors/windows fit properly, therefore, should not be planed to make fit but should be investigated further.

  • Rusty stirrups supporting posts in ground, in most cases wire brushing and painting with a rust inhibitor will protect the stirrup unless the rust is severe.

  • Tie downs when required should be in place, if not over time as the house moves it is possible for bearers to separate and cause further problems with the floor.


  • Downpipes should be directed away from the building, water changes in soil will affect movement, especially in reactive soils.