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Our Strength:

"Give me a few minutes of your time and I'll give you years of experience" 

Building since 1982, with Daniel King you will receive over 30 years of building industry experience. 

Our Strategy: 

To provide the best information to assist you in making the right decision before undertaking your purchase. Our resources are concentrated to make the reports better and easier to understand. Leading the way in building a better industry, we are not in competition with other building inspectors, but working with them to ensure improvement and progression.


Outside resources: Plumbers, Electricians, Brick Layers, Engineers, Surveyors, Draftsmen, Pest Inspectors and more.

Our Goals:

To be the leaders in the industry, our professionalism will do our talking for us. To steadily grow so that we will have the biggest building services business across our great state.  Our business to be maintained through word of mouth and to become a household name because of our honesty, integrity, superior, professional, thorough, prompt and reliable reports.

Above all, our client comes first. We are very aware that our clients are often making one of the biggest decisions in their lives. It is our aim to assist in a competent and expedient manner to provide our clients with all the professional information we can offer, so ensuring that they are well informed on the properties they are buying or selling. In the majority of instances time is of the essence and it is our aim to ensure that the report is supplied to the client as quickly as possible to allow time for their perusal and follow through where required. To ensure that the client feels comfortable to approach us with any questions, big or small, our staff endeavouring to always approach each report as individual with a professional and friendly manner.

Company Background:

In 1982 Daniel began his building career at the age of fifteen.  Straight out of school he was a hard worker and with a tough task master for his boss he grew to become and well known and respected member of the building community.  Often called on by other builders to carry out certain aspects of work such as pole homes, where the builder was not confident to carry out the work himself, Daniel’s business was growing in leaps and bounds.

One day Daniel’s sister, a solicitor, asked Daniel if he would be prepared to carry out an inspection on a home for one of her clients.  This concept was new to Daniel but he was happy to be of assistance to the clients, endeavouring to ensure that they had a full understanding of the property they were purchasing.  With more requests coming in, the light bulb went on for Daniel.  Why not start a business carrying out building inspections?  Being a positive personality Daniel quickly put his plan into action and so on the Queen’s Birthday weekend 1999 a dream became a reality.  There were only two other builders carrying out inspection in the area and so Daniel joined in to make it three.  A licence to carry out building inspections in those days was a very harrowing experience, after a full day of answering questions and presenting paperwork for inspection, Daniel received his licence.  From that point on Daniel’s business began to grow at a steady pace, becoming well known in the area for the quality of his work Daniel began to branch out, covering Dalby, Ipswich, Gatton and all areas in between.

Then he was asked to carry out an inspection at Chinchilla and was stunned to learn the costs people had to pay in country areas.  Local builders did not have a licence to put their findings on paper and were not interested in getting a licence.  So, having given this some thought, Daniel came up with the solution.  He had always wanted to learn to fly anyway and now was the time.  So started the flying lessons with Daniel applying himself fully as he does with anything he takes on, by flying to the country areas he could do the inspections at a more reasonable cost due to saving time and petrol.  Prices still seemed too high as he had to hire planes to service the country areas, of course, buy a plane, and that’s what he did. Now Daniel can service any area in Southeast Queensland at the most reasonable cost he can manage and still provide the local areas with inspections carried out in short timelines.

Just prior to his gaining his inspectors’ licence, Daniel employed Patrice.  Patrice was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to become part of the business.  Daniel said to Patrice, ‘come and help me build a business’, they were the magic words. Loving a challenge Patrice joined the family business and has been happily working with them for over fifteen years. Daniel’s mother is also part of the team, doing the QuickBooks side of the business.  This small family business has survived both positive and negative trends, and retains a respected name within the industry.  Daniel’s years of experience both as a builder and as an inspector qualify his knowledge and understanding of the buildings inspects.

Unlike many of the larger businesses these days, when you phone Daniel King House & Building Reports you will speak to either Daniel or Patrice and service to you is their priority.  In 2014 Daniel King House & Building Reports was honoured with an Australian Business Services Award for Excellence in Customer Service. 

My sister Michelle Sheehan LL.B.  Acc. Fpec (FAM) in Chinchilla, Qld approached me to do a building inspection for one of her clients. Having been in the building industry at that time over eighteen years, I thought I could start a business in doing pre-purchase building inspections. After investigating and asking builders in the same industry, the demand to bring out a building inspection report better than the rest was found to be needed.

After obtaining advice by:

  • Kym Flehr, BA, LLB (Syd.)
  • ​Paul Sheehan  LL.B.
  • Michelle Sheehan LL.B. Acc. Fpec (FAM)
  • The Housing Industry Association (of which I am a member)
  • The Australian Standards
  • Trades and Services across the building industry
  • Formulated a building inspection report format that has proven by the growth of our business, to show excellence in reporting the state of the building that is being inspected.